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What Else Is There: Jack Lee Graphic Work and Play

Solo exhibition / Curation / Promotional poster

Upon leaving UK and return to Hong Kong for good, I had held an exhibition to display some of my art and design works. This was a conclusion to myself after having stayed in UK for the past few years.

On the event poster, I used mathematics symbols as a rational metaphor to tell the story and experience of these years. It is also to question whether there is an absolute answer or measure after all. What is gained, what is lost, what else is there.

"The show aims to display the graphic design works of Jack Lee, aka Jacktherabbit, which he completed over the last few years during his stay in London. Under the influence of Western education and the exotic visual trend, his artworks are often expressed in conceptual and bold presentations, but are also seen working in details within a context. The selection of work demonstrates his exploration with grids, geometric shapes and letterforms."

The Rag Factory, London

February 2012

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