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Antalis – Detective Story Book

Book Design / Paper Samples / Print & Production

Despite of many paper samples distributed worldwide, most of them are standardized and look similar, their audiences may not remember them after some times. To promote the Antalis 2013 paper sample, we wrote a detective story and packaged it as if a real Royal Police confidential file. As the readers read along the story they will find these evidences one by one, and eventually leads to unveiling the enigma.

The 10 key evidences demonstrate the characteristics of papers upon printing and special effects such as foil stamping and laser cut. Some are specially made to achieve realness, such as a real stamp on a postcard, or an old sheet of contract, in order to bring readers from 2D to a 4D sensory experience.

Awarded HKDA Global Design Awards 2014: Book Design – Merit
Produced at Tommy Li Design Workshop

128 pages + 10 inserts
135 × 215mm

July 2013